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This blog will be populated with very interesting information about the food I eat, the recipes I prepare and the wine and cocktails I drink

As you noticed this page is still under construction and there will be a lot of information to come very soon!!

Stay tuned!!

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s day has always been very important and I will always do my utmost best to celebrate it the way my mother want. Since we are living together it is even more important to make a fabulous day out of it. How better to start with some gorgeous flowers and nice cards!! Since the both…

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo has become a tradition for my mother and myself and of course you need the appropriate food and drinks that are typical for a Mexican style celebration. To start everything of a Margarita is a key component of any successful Cinco de Mayo celebration Another staple is homemade Guacamole As a…


I have been wanting to start an eating and drinking related blog for a long time and finally got going on it! The aim of the blog is to talk about eating, both out and about in restaurants but also about cooking, which is one of my passions and anything and everything (hopefully) that has…