Mother’s Day

Mother’s day has always been very important and I will always do my utmost best to celebrate it the way my mother want. Since we are living together it is even more important to make a fabulous day out of it.

How better to start with some gorgeous flowers and nice cards!!

Since the both of us love great food and great drinks, this is a perfect opportunity to prepare some excellent food, of course selected by my mother, and have some excellent wine with that.

How better than to start with a nice bottle of champagne. One of our favorites. A Veuve Clicquot Brut

Of course this needs to be accompanied with some aperitif snacks.

Anchovies stuffed with a caper on a mini toast

Mousse of duck foie gras with truffles on mini toast

Deviled eggs with red bell peppers

Shrimp with basil & tomato

Oysters can’t be missing on the menu. This time we went for Wellfleet Oysters from Cape Cod

Next on the menu is bisque d’homard or lobster bisque. Fully made at home from scratch including the boiling of the lobsters.

One of our favorites is Foie Gras so that could certainly not be missing from the menu. I will be writing a separate post on Foie Gras and how it looks like when it arrives. I love to prepare all different kind of Foie Gras dishes and this time I went for a trio of different preparations. I always start with a whole or a part of a Foie Gras, marinate it, poach it if needed and create the finished product as you can see.
The 3 different ways from left to right are:
Foie Gras with pearl onions and candied radishes
Foie Gras with dates and orange
Mousse of Foie Gras with pear in red wine

What better to pair this with than an excellent Madeira

And now to the main course.
Chateaubriand with Gratin Dauphinois, Green Beans, Carrots and 3 sauces:
Shallot-red wine sauce, BĂ©arnaise sauce and Green peppercorn cream sauce with cognac all homemade.

First set of pictures are showing the different components and the different stages of preparation and the last picture shows the finalized plate

Any excellent food needs to be accompanied by excellent wine So I decided to go for an Opus One from 2004 which is one of the most iconic wines made in California

For dessert I baked a strawberry tart Belgian style

A nice Sauternes to accompany the strawberry tart

After all of this later on in the evening we needed a lite dish to finish off an excellent day so we prepared a classic Crab Cocktail made with crabmeat from the leg of a King crab

And a Reserve Chenin Blanc from De Morgenzon – Stellenbosch – South Africa from 2017 went perfect with it

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo has become a tradition for my mother and myself and of course you need the appropriate food and drinks that are typical for a Mexican style celebration.

To start everything of a Margarita is a key component of any successful Cinco de Mayo celebration

Another staple is homemade Guacamole

As a starter we went for home made Chili con Carne

The main course was Potato & Chorizo Enchiladas. Also home made of course.

Although Margaritas are great, a nice bottle of wine always goes well with any dinner.
Because of the strong flavors of the food, you need a flavorful, full bodied wine that will complement the different flavors but still stands strong by itself and doesn’t dissipate to the background. So, I choose:
Elderton Command Single Vineyard Shiraz 2004 from Barossa Australia

Everything came out excellent and it was a great celebration of Cinco de Mayo!


I have been wanting to start an eating and drinking related blog for a long time and finally got going on it!

The aim of the blog is to talk about eating, both out and about in restaurants but also about cooking, which is one of my passions and anything and everything (hopefully) that has to do with that.

Any good food can’t be consumed without good wine, starting of with a nice aperitif and of course an after dinner drink or digestif.

I have a lot of ideas and massive amount of material I want to share with all of you and will hopefully provide a lot of interesting information and hopefully will inspire a lot of you to visit some interesting restaurants, cook some interesting food and drink some interesting wines.

You will certainly hear from me a lot more very soon,